10 Tips to Exporting to Mexico

  • Make sure your Mexican customer-consignee is an “active importer”, otherwise you will need to contract a “Third Party Importer”.
  • Before shipping to Mexico, make sure to partner with a reliable Mex CB (Mexican Customs Broker) agency.
  • Have your customer/importer authorize, upon customs regulations, the Mex CB agency of your choice, or you may need to use their own Mex CB.
  • Ask your customer/importer to send the shipment or cargo paperwork to the Mex CB. This may include: Commercial Invoice, Packing List, BOL and NAFTA Certificate, MSDS or any other Material’s Certificate that may apply.
  • Declare commercial values, even if you are sending samples or reusable dunnage packaging.
  • Invoice must have complete Exporter and Importer information including Federal Tax id’s (PO Box is not valid as an address.)
  • Country of Origin, weight, unit of measure for every single item is needed for customs clearance, so make sure to have this information either on your packing list or on your Commercial Invoice.
  • Be prepared to pay before clearing customs, 16% VAT and other Rights or Duties.
  • If you are responsible for the Mexican freight or transportation, get an insurance policy to protect your good. In Mexico carriers are not liable for any cargo’s damage or loses.
  •  If you are planning to export any trademark products, make sure you have the proper Trademark licenses in Mexico. This can be done through the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI for its acronym in Spanish).
  • For all your international shipments use Export approved pallets according to the ISPM 15 international regulation.

Original post from: http://www.shippingtomexico.com/export-to-mexico