5 Simple Steps Webinar Series


This year the British Business Centre Mexico will be hosting a series of webinars entitled “5 Simple Steps”. During this series we will be joined by experts who will present a subject, give advice and answer questions to the participants.

5 Simple Steps to Exporting to Mexico, the series’ first installment, will be taking place the 21st of January at 3:00 pm GMT.

This webinar aims to get SMEs who are thinking about exporting to Mexico on the right track. During the webinar companies will have the opportunity to get firsthand information about the Mexican market and the best ways to bring their products into the country.

The webinar will consist of:
1. A brief presentation on the 5 steps to exporting to Mexico by the British Business Centre Mexico
2. A conversation with Pci Healthcare about the challenges they face as importers and distributors of British products in Mexico
3. A Q&A session with a customs expert from Baker & McKenzie

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