An update on business in Mexico post-earthquake

Exactly a week since the devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck 158 km southwest of Mexico City, how has the country responded?

With the death-toll currently at 326 (but expected to rise) and over 3,000 buildings deemed uninhabitable, our thoughts are with those who have lost loved-ones, homes or property in this tragic event. At the bottom of this article is a list of secure and approved charities and organisations providing aid should readers wish to donate.

The Mexican people have been extremely resilient in the face of adversity with ordinary citizens racing to the rubble in a bid to save those who could not get out in time. Others generously donated provisions and medicine as part of the relief effort.

Despite the tragedy, the resilience of the Mexican people has led to the regular use among media outlets of the catchphrase “México está de pie”- i.e. Mexico is standing. People have refused to let the destruction from the tragic earthquake destroy the achievements and strength of Mexico as a country.

A week on and the financial sector has seen no major impact, with most banks returning to work on the day after the earthquake. However, in Mexico City alone, only 676 of the city’s 9,000 schools have been inspected and allowed to resume classes according to Education Secretary Aurelio Nuño yesterday. All schools are expected to be functioning normally as of Monday 2nd October. Mexico’s services sector has almos

t entirely resumed normality, with the vast majority of shops and restaurants reopening at the beginning of this week. However, many big sports, music and cultural events in the coming few weeks have been cancelled.

Here at BritChaM we are working hard to ensure that this tragic event does not seriously harm Mexican business opportunities and the Mexican economy. Our message to members and readers is to follow the example set by the people of Mexico through not panicking and continuing to support the country, thus ensuring the economy can continue its strong and necessary growth trajectory. Most importantly, our thoughts remain with all those directly affected by last week’s earthquake.


Approved charities

Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization, has staff members in Mexico City and has pledged that 100 percent of its donations will go directly to relief efforts, which it says will include facilitating the delivery of medical supplies to affected areas.

GlobalGiving, a crowdfunding organization, has pledged that all money donated to its earthquake fund will go to recovery and relief efforts

Mexican Red Cross has been accepting direct donations online and has set up an Amazon Wish List for necessary items.