The present Code sets forth guidelines to ensure that the Staff and all parties and/or associates conducting business on behalf of the British Chamber of Commerce (BritChaM) maintain the highest ethical standards in conducting BritChaM affairs.

The Code is a statement of principles to help guide decisions and actions based on respect for the importance of ethical business standards in the community. BritChaM believes the adoption of a meaningful code of ethics is the responsibility of every business and professional organization.


  • BritChaM will not mislead people, and it will, to the best of its knowledge and abilities, provide truthful information at all times.
  • BritChaM has an “open door” policy, which means the inclusion of input from staff, directors and counsellors is both encouraged and welcomed.


  • The Executive Board is the guiding authority of BritChaM. All Executive Board activities shall be consistent with the applicable law and BritChaM’s Ethics Code.
  • Therefore, all officers shall perform their duties in good faith, in a manner that is in, or not opposed to, the best interest of BritChaM.
  • All decisions made by the Executive Board, even when not unanimous, should be respected and backed up by ALL of its officers.


  • Members of the Executive Board, BritChaM Associates and Staff will not knowingly violate the laws or regulations applicable to BritChaM’s activities.
  • BritChaM Senior Staff will assess compliance with laws and regulations by undertaking an annual review of its policies and practices.
  • Senior Staff shall take immediate action to rectify any non-compliance circumstance as soon as they discover it.


  • BritChaM’s accounting systems and practices will conform to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).
  • All financial transactions will be reported accurately and timely and documented in BritChaM’s books and records in a manner that will enable their internal and external audit and control.
  • No false or deceptive entries will be made and all entries must contain appropriate descriptions of the underlying transactions.
  • All funds must be retained in bank accounts, and no undisclosed or unrecorded funds or assets of BritChaM will be established for any purpose.
  • No employee shall improperly use BritChaM resources or permit others to do so.
  • There will be no retaliation for disclosing suspected inaccurate reporting or recordkeeping.


  • BritChaM will comply with requirements established under applicable laws and regulations.
  • Any communications BritChaM sends out through mail, e-mail or social media shall not be libellous, plagiarised or slanderous.
  • We will promote and advertise our business and its products or services in a manner which is not misleading and does not falsely disparage our competitors.


Clients, for a variety of reasons, may offer gifts to employees such as annual celebrations or to commemorate the completion of a transaction. Often, it would be considered impolite to refuse. Care must be taken to ensure that such gifts cannot be construed as an inducement to provide a service more favourably to that client ahead of another.

  • All gifts must be declared to the Chamber Director when applicable and records kept by Chamber accountant.


  • All BritChaM employees have the obligation to protect information regarding British Chamber of Commerce Members, UK or Mexican companies and/or associates according to British and Mexican law.
  • Privileged information shall be handled with full confidentiality and shall never be used for personal gain. Privileged information is defined as any that is not of public knowledge and which may have value for people outside of BritChaM.


  • Each employee and official is responsible for advising BritChaM’s President or Director of any current or potential conflicts of interest, as well as any affiliation with public or privately owned enterprises, including profit and non-profit entities, which may create a potential conflict of interest, embarrassment to BritChaM or inconsistency with applicable law.
  • Employees and officials should avoid any situation that involves or may involve a conflict between their personal interest and the BritChaM.


  • BritChaM takes corporate social responsibility very seriously and collaborates whenever possible with its chosen charities.
  • BritChaM staff understand the importance of protecting the environment and several aspects of office practice have been adapted to reduce waste, save energy and raise awareness among staff and clients of these issues. These are defined in a separate document (“BritChaM Green Policy”)
  • All BritChaM personnel understand the importance of corporate social responsibility for the reputation of the organisation and the British Government.
  • Associated British Chambers and other partners are expected to comply with the BritChaM’s Ethics Code.


All BritChaM staff should understand the importance of avoiding corruption and shall comply with Mexico (federal, state and local) laws, rules, regulations, orders and ordinances, including, without limitation, environmental protection, labour laws, anticorruption laws, anti-bribery, anti-terrorism, and anti-laundering laws, tax, customs and revenue laws, and personal data protection laws, as well as with applicable industry codes and standards to protect BritChaM’s reputation. These are defined in a separate document (“BritChaM Compliance and Anticorruption Policy”).