The British Chamber of Commerce (BritChaM) recognises that climate change is one of the most important challenges today. Population growth, economic growth and development are factors affecting our planet. Combating climate change is a priority for BritChaM so we are aligned to the 1.5°C Paris Agreement and this message is often conveyed to all our employees and members.

We understand that private sector innovation, investment and knowledge are key to meeting this challenge and promoting sustainable and inclusive growth. As the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, representing the British-Mexican business community, we understand the importance of our role as a chamber and the actions of our members.

We are proud that Mexico was recognized by the United Kingdom in 2015 for its effort to achieve its mitigation and adaptation goals, since both countries have the fight against climate change as a priority.


BritChaM has made internal efforts within its facilities to combat climate change: 

  • We assigned a bicycle parking lot, allowing our employees and customers to park their bikes safely and be one less car on Mexican streets.
  • We ban water bottles for meetings, using only a pitcher and glasses.
  • We monitor the use of light and air to prevent it from being left on during the night causing excessive and unnecessary energy waste.
  • We prohibit the use of disposables for our meetings and activities.
  • We recycle paper where possible and promote the use of technology to avoid unnecessary printing, for example:
  • We mail meeting minutes days in advance.
    • We project the agenda of the meeting in the meeting rooms instead of giving it out in print.
    • At our most important event called Energy Day (where we have over 500 attendees), we created an online platform for our guests to see the program and profiles of our speakers so that they wouldn’t give out this printed information.


While BritChaM believes that climate change must be a priority for companies in each sector, within our membership we have a strong representation of energy companies who are important players in creating the change needed to combat climate change.

Our Green Power Group is one of the most active BritChaM groups and has a vision,

“To be a group that influences and impacts decision-making in the renewable energy sector in Mexico, generating efficient and innovative solutions.

Green Power Group has organised activities and approached the Mexican and British governments to actively promote the use of renewable energies on a large scale, mainly in Mexico. They promote advances and best practices among their members to move closer to the goal set out in the General Law on Climate Change.

BritChaM also has an energy group made up of some of the most important players in the Mexican sector. We have seen how private companies (many of them being our partners) have taken a lead in applying international best practices for GHG mitigation, often going beyond the requirements established in Mexican law.

  • Every year, Shell organises an Eco-marathon, which is a competition between Asia, Europe and America, challenging students from every continent to design, build and finally drive a vehicle with the highest possible energy efficiency.

Many of our members are large companies with large-scale production and we understand that their actions will be extremely important in the fight against climate change. We are proud of the leadership you have taken

  • Unilever with its Sustainable Living Plan,
  • HSBC’s commitments to source from renewable energy sources in Mexico,
  • the actions of the IHG hotel group including the prohibition of plastic bottles in their toiletries.

We seek to communicate and share these practices among our members. Our marketing team and the entire BritChaM team understand the values and best practices we promote so that we all work together to achieve our shared goals. These guidelines are contained in our Code of Ethics which is shared with all members of the BritChaM team.