British Business Mexico proud to support Mexico City Governemnt Programme for greater integration of disabled people in the workforce

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On Wednesday, 17th June, BBM President Richard Drabble represented both British Business Mexico and the British Chamber of Commerce at the launch of the Employment Fair in Mexico City where Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera committed to the creation of 500 jobs for disabled Mexicans by the end of 2015. These individuals will be paid a salary well above the minimum wage to guarantee dignified employment.

Mancera said that in Mexico City there are 500,000 people with a disability, of which less that 50% receieve support from the city government in areas such as health, education, mobility, fair treatment and employment.

The Work and Job Creation Ministry will work with the Mayor’s Office and the  Institute for the Integration of People with Disabilities (INDEPEDI for its acronym in Spanish) to guarantee the right to dignified employment for Mexicans with a disability.

Currently the INDEPEDI is promoting an initiative to help disabled people find temporary work for three months in companies by removing the liability for emplyers and sponsoring the employee for their work. British Business Mexico is proud to participate in this programme with INDEPEDI and encourages other private companies in Mexico to do the same.

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