British Chamber Education Day: 12th April confirmed as date when guide for teachers’ income will be published

During the Chamber’s Education Day, Undersecretary for Higher Secondary Education Dr. Adolfo Tuirán, analysed the education reform. Mexicans have high expectations of the reform due to the many deficiencies in the sector. He believes that education is the most important tool for mobilising the population. The high dropout rate in higher education is proof of the system’s failure and social wear. He also touched on the PISA results, comparing the distribution of these results with Singapore. He also criticised the discontinuity in education and the labour market, in which many employees do not work in the sector they studied.


For this reason, the reform focuses on three major axes: the State’s regulatory role, equity and quality of education. It is crucial to ensure that the best teachers are in the classrooms and that is one of the main priorities of the reform. He told the attendees that the 12th April has been confirmed as the date when the guide for teachers’ income, depending on their level, will be published. He concluded his presentation by stressing the urgency for the reform, stipulating that “education must be the touchstone for the transformation of our country”.

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