Current Business Situation

Mexico is actively pursuing a program designed to reduce its reliance on the USA as a trading partner. Mexico has completed free trade agreements with 33 countries giving it access to over one billion consumers.

The leading sectors in Mexico are below:

Airport and ground support equipment

Mexico has the most developed airport infrastructure in Latin America. Every city of more than 50,000 inhabitants benefits from airport services. The Mexico city airport is the largest in Latin America in terms of number of passengers and operations.

Mexico has developed an aerospace industry and important international corporations have established plants in 13 Mexican states.

Automotive parts and supplies

Mexico’s auto part industry is closely related to the US industry, There are approximately 1,000 auto parts manufacturers in Mexico and about 70 per cent of them are subsidiaries of foreign corporations, mainly from the US.

The best prospects for this sector are: collision repair parts, catalytic converters, steering wheels and sound systems and generally all types of accessories.

Electronic components

Mexico’s electronic industry continues to evolve, the growth of electronic components has lately been driven by a switch to new products lines including the aerospace, automotive, network equipment, game consoles, printers, high capacity servers, storage media, and consumer electronic industries, which continue to be the largest user of electronic components. Consumer electronics is the second most import export manufacturing industry in Mexico.

The best prospects for this sector are: switches, plugs and relays, followed by integrated circuits.

Energy sector

The sector includes the sub-sectors of oil and gas and electric power systems, equipment and services.

The best prospects are: drilling of work-over rigs, to be used in the exploration, discovery, development, maintenance, testing, depletion or production of oil and natural gas wells, pipe, valves, pumps, electrical apparatus, for switching, insulated wire cable, electric capacitors, board panels, electric transformers, electric motors and generators, static converters and rotary converters.

Environmental sector

This sector includes the sub-sectors of pollution control equipment and water resources equipment and services.

The best prospects are: liners for landfills, solid waste containers; solid waste recycling equipment, dust collectors; hazardous and toxic waste transportation equipment; autoclaves for medical waste; medical waste transportation equipment, bio-remediation technology environmental engineering services; chlorinators, desalination plants irrigation equipment primary clarifiers; water pumps; water meters; water leak detectors; water supply and distribution systems and design and engineering services.

Franchising sector

The franchise industry has grown between 15-20 per cent every year over the last decade.

Although food concepts (formal/fast food) continues to lead the industry, there are many others sectors that are growing rapidly and successfully in Mexico – education/entertainment services for children, personal care services (spas, beauty shops, health care centres), Automotive services, among others, are considered as the best prospects for the next five years.

Housing and construction

The Mexican housing construction industry has experienced constant growth over the last five years. The current administration has made housing a priority and assigned additional funds to government institutions that support the development of low-income and pre-fabricated housing. The Mexican Government also offers support to efforts of private companies’ involved in this industry through additional access to capital. With government support and private investment, the housing market is expected to grow at nearly eight per cent for the foreseeable future.

Best prospects are aligned with the Mexican firms search for new and rapid construction techniques and new materials (high quality, low prices, easy to use and install).

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