Guajardo visits UK to explore FTA possibilities

Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, the Mexican Secretary of State for economy, has arrived to London to explore the possibilities of a new FTA between Mexico and the United Kingdom, once they have left the European Union. Before going, he mentioned once again the importance of a new FTA between the two countries and that he is preparing for every possible scenario. On his visit, he will not only focus on political meetings, but will also be meeting with key players in the business world, as well as academics.

Firstly, he will meet with Liam Fox, Secretary of State for international trade, to analyse the bilateral relationship and the commercial opportunities that might arise due to Brexit. He will then be meeting with CEO’s of influential companies, such as HSBC, EY, AstraZeneca and Premier Oil.

Furthermore, at an academic level, he will be the keynote speaker in prestigious think tanks such as Chatham House and the Legatum Institute, where they will discuss, among other matters, the modernisation of NAFTA.

On his visit, he is accompanied by Rogelio Garza Garza, Undersecretary of Industry and Commerce, and by Paulo Carreño King, General Director of ProMéxico. Though the terms of the Brexit are not yet clear, Guajardo has expressed the wish to maintain the same agreement with the UK, as they now have with the European Union.