Launch of British Business Centre


Mexico City

On the 25th September the British Chamber and UKTI held a press conference to launch this important initiative publically.

The British Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the UKTI, will create a new company called the British Business Centre S. de R.L de C.V which will provide assistance to small and medium sized British companies looking to launch in Mexico through their experienced and expert members in finance, legal, customs – and many other – relevant areas. The British Business Centre will also act as a source of macro economical and sectorial information for potential businesses and investors from the UK. The offices of the British Business Centre will be based in the British Chamber of Commerce on Rio de la Plata.

This action adds to the British government’s interest in doubling bilateral trade between Mexico and the United Kingdom to 6.7 billion dollars in 2015.

Chamber President Antonio Mayer explained to the press how for companies in the United Kingdom, the commercial sector in Mexico has become increasingly important as a commercial partner due to its position as Latin America’s second largest economy, its strategic geographic location, its network of free trade agreements, its business facilities, among other aspects which have caught the eye of British investors.

The most attractive sectors for the British business community are: education, creative industries (technology and digital), tourism, infrastructure, architecture, communication, health, technology and consumer products.

The Chamber is very excited to embark on this new project and further strengthen our relationship with the UKTI in promoting trade and investment between Mexico and the UK. We hope this project will create added value to our members however it will mean no change to our current activities. The British Business Centre will be an added benefit to Chamber membership and not replace any aspect of the Chamber’s mission and objectives. We expect this new agreement to open up opportunities for our SMEs although the British Chamber of Commerce will continue, as it always has, to be led by its entire membership.