State Visit marks the climax of the Dual Year Mexico – UK

EPN with soldiers

State visit of President Lic. Enrique Peña Nieto and Ms. Rivera to the United Kingdom has been marked in the schedule of 2015 as the most relevant point in a year in which the close links between the two countries are stronger than ever.

During the State Banquet in honour of President Enrique Peña Nieto and his wife Angelica Rivera de Pena, HM The Queen said the economic reforms enacted in Mexico “have been bold and impressive and the UK is ready to work with Mexico to implement these reforms, strengthening the foundations of our association in the interest of the prosperity of both societies.”

Queen Elizabeth II said that “the relationship between our business communities is also very positive and I am sure, Mr. President that your visit will allow strengthen them further.”

He expressed his joy at the visit of Mexican President held at Aberdeen, Scotland, “to see the experience and knowledge that the city concentrates acquired for nearly half a century of development in the North Sea”.

“This will also be an opportunity to build on the valuable dialogue that the Prince of Wales held in Campeche on sustainable development of energy resources,” he added.

Queen Elizabeth II said the relationship between the two countries “is based on a remarkable similarity of views and values. It is this shared perspective that has made us natural partners in many complex issues of current international agenda “.

Recalled that the visit of President Peña Nieto “occurs in the first months of a very special year: the Dual Year UK in Mexico, and Mexico in the UK”, whose program of events “is an apt celebration of the vibrant relationship between our countries”.

For his part, President Peña Nieto said that under the reign of SM Isabel II “their country has been a cultural landmark first order promoter as essential values such as freedom, democracy and human rights. You, Your Majesty, has been a source of identity and unity of his people “.

He noted that “the intimate friendship between the United Kingdom and Mexico were strengthened with two State Visits to Mexico in 1975 and in 1983, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh.

He recalled that last November “Mexicans had the pleasure to welcome their Royal Highnesses Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. The affection of the Royal Family for my country is also reflected in the various invitations have been extended to Mexican presidents to visit Her Majesty.”

The Mexican president said it is a great honour that this is “the fourth time that a President of Mexico makes a state visit to the UK”. It held that this meeting takes place, moreover, “in time of special symbolism for our relationship: in 2015, the Year of the UK in Mexico, and at the same time, the Year of Mexico in the UK”.
“This dual celebration is the ultimate expression of respect, recognition and cooperation between our peoples,” he said.

He said that this “also commemorate nearly 190 years of diplomatic relations that have twinned us on both sides of the Atlantic. Our country is proud of its past and confident in its future. ”

Before his return to Mexico City, the President gave a message to Mexican media, where he made a balance of his state visit, in addition to its formal character, there were held several meetings and agreements which intensified the bilateral relationship to detonate what is desire of the two governments, “to generate greater prosperity for our societies,” he said.

The President said that during his meeting with Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron pledged to work together in various multilateral forums such as measures to address climate change, clean energy and promotion of open governments, and starting from that point be much more transparent in our public affairs.
He reported that together they addressed issues concerning cooperation in the matters of education, science and technology, tourism and economic development, as well as the purpose of detonating in 2015 the bilateral relationship.

President Peña Nieto made a re-count of what were undoubtedly relevant topics:
Keep boosting development and intensively promote opportunities for mutual investment and expand the level of trade between the two countries. To this end, a High Level Economic Group with investors from both countries was created. He reported that he held various meetings with business groups to promote the qualities that the country has to attract and generate productive investment that will detonate jobs.

In education, important agreements were signed among them there was one for the recognition of diplomas issued in both countries, and greater collaboration and academic exchange between universities in both countries.

Similarly, the UK Government has decided to support scholarships to Mexican students to be trained and prepared in the UK, a country that almost out takes for five times the number of scholarships that previously had been providing for Mexican students.

It was also decided to expand cooperation in tourism promotion, recognising that UK is the third country for tourism in México and because of that it has a greater number of tourists and visitors each year; the year 2014 recorded nearly half a million tourists from UK visiting our country.

He said that as part of his State Visit, he went to the city of Aberdeen, the most important centre of the energy industry in the UK and one of the most important in Europe, where he promoted the Energy Reform enacted in México.
He stressed that there has been “very rapid pace for the proper implementation, and hope that the Energy Reform really conduct to generate more jobs, more productive investment in our country and, above all, to ensure greater energy independence for Mexico”.