UK and Mexico seeking FTA

In the uncertainty following the results of both the Brexit vote and the U.S. election, the Mexican and British governments have both been keen to stress that establishing a new Free Trade Agreement between the two nations is a top priority.

Mark Garnier, the UK’s Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Trade, recently came to Mexico and spoke at a Chamber breakfast-conference. Here he stated “Ensuring that there is no disruption of our free trade with Mexico, or any other partner, is a top priority for my Department”.

Her Majesty’s Ambassador, Duncan Taylor, stated in an interview with El Universal, that he doesn’t see any inconvenience in negotiating a cutting edge bilateral agreement with the countries that are most genuinely committed to free trade.

(Translated from: “No veo ningún inconveniente para negociar un acuerdo bilateral de vanguardia con los países que están más genuinamente comprometidos con el libre comercio.”)

Finally, the Mexican Foreign Secretary, Luis Videgaray, announced Mexico’s intention to negotiate a Free Trade Agreement with the UK as soon as the process of the UK leaving the European Union allows it.

(Translated from: “expresaron su intención de negociar un tratado de libre comercio entre México y Reino Unido tan pronto como lo permita el proceso de salida de la Unión Europea”).