UK Companies in GREAT Week Briefing at the BBM

Several sector-specific trade missions are visiting Mexico as part of the GREAT Week events in Mexico. Airports, Art & Design and Music are all well represented and will be following different agendas to discover more about their sector in Mexico – what is the same, what is different, and most importantly, where can opportunities for trade and collaboration be found.

The Airport Sector Mission held an initial briefing in “Larry’s Lounge”, designed by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, before joining the main briefing

The British Business Centre in Mexico, a recent joint-venture between UKTI Mexico and the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, hosted the mission briefing. HMA Duncan Taylor and Richard Drabble, President of the British Business Centre, welcomed participants to Mexico and spoke of the business relationship between Mexico and the UK. Although the UK and all things British are very well-received in Mexico, the UK still lags behind other European countries when it comes to trade figures with Mexico. Events such as GREAT Week and the efforts of UKTI Mexico and the BBM are determined to change this situation. Mr Drabble explained about the comprehensive range of soft-landing services available to UK companies through the BBM, before handing the microphone to British Business Ambassador, Sir John Sorrell.

Sir John Sorrel, British Business Ambassador; Richard Drabble, President British Business Centre Mexico; Lady Sorrel
(left) Sir John Sorrell, British Business Ambassador; Richard Drabble, President British Business Centre Mexico; Lady Sorrell; (right) HMA Duncan Taylor

Sir John Sorrell, British Business Ambassador, told the attendees how much he enjoys his role as a Business Ambassador, as it allows him to discover many exciting new countries and support a growing number of UK companies looking to export or expand overseas.

Briefing Room

Alejandra Sánchez, from Promexico, gave attendees more detailed information on Mexico and Kerstin Scheuch from CENTRO School presented the school’s experience and venture into Mexico as a case study for other companies.